Food Wonder: The Sweet Potato

Food Wonder! Know you're foods Sweet potato The humble sweet potato is more than just a root vegetable that can be eaten so many ways, both sweet and savory, baked, fried or mashed! They can also help in so many ways. This sweet little yam has a cooling flavour and can help strengthen the Spleen … Continue reading Food Wonder: The Sweet Potato

Food Wonder: Gomasio

Condiments are great! Just adds to those meals that need a little something-something. Here's an easy to make condiment that's packed full of goodies.

Flushing the Gall Bladder

This Spring energy is definitely stirring up a lot of the Wood energy from the Liver and Gall Bladder. If you're feeling pent up, quietly explosive, anxious, impatient, frustrated or angry, below is a few ways to help the Liver by cleansing the Gall Bladder. The Gall Bladder (GB) stores excess bile from the Liver … Continue reading Flushing the Gall Bladder