Lifestyles of the abundant and healthy.

A message from your health and well-being sponsor.

A little reminder…

You are awesome!
(I just wanted to remind you of that)


It can all seem a little overwhelming, this balance thing.

Eat healthily, exercise enough, meditate daily, stretch, don’t work too hard, remain socially active, find a creative outlet…

There are a plethora of  ideologies out there, all trying to vai for your attention

‘this is right, that is wrong’ –

This is just a friendly reminder that you already have all the answers and its quite simple.

Follow your flow.

There’s no one way to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle and it’s easy to cover a few of the bases with the same practices.
The best way for balance is to listen to your Body and Mind and put your time and energy into the things that make you feel the best.
No guilt or regret required.

If that’s sleeping in. Then sleep in.
If that’s bingeing on some tv show. Then binge.
If it’s laying in the Sun till you overheat. Then overheat.

You’ll find in time that these things are either healthy or hedonistic. Either way, your Mind and Body are going to tell you whether you are doing yourself a service. All you have to do is listen.

The thing that you truly need right now, is the thing you truly need right now.
And as with all things, they change. So what you will need later, might not be the same thing as what makes you feel good now.
However, when we try to strive for some benchmark or ideal when we are not prepared or ready, the capacity for disappointment can be higher when we feel as though we have not achieved some idea that has been set by someone else.

Follow your flow.
Healthy or unhealthy, you’re going to level out, find the plateau, reach the middle path.
And if you’re having trouble getting out of an extreme situation, then give me a call.
Perhaps you just need a little defrag and deletion of old programs, or a good stretch and massage to get the body moving. Perhaps just raising your vibration is necessary or even tapping out some stuck emotions.

Whatever you need, listen to that tiny voice that you always hear. You’re not crazy, that’s just your intuition giving you the heads up on what you truly need to have a lifestyle of abundance and health.


Avoid this and save the change by raising the energy with gratitude instead.
Gratitude practices are an amazing way to shift perspective and a beautiful way to honour just about any situation.
If you’d like to increase your peace and smile lovingly with the universe, I’m here to help you with maintaining a gratitude process. Just get in touch here.

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 3.43.38 pm.png

I’m so very proud of the people who have walked through the doors at TSS.
Many of you have worked through many physical, mental and emotional lessons that have seen you through a shift and into a happier and healthier existence.
Due to these wonderful healings, I’m looking for those who need a little support, whether that be injury or pain, emotional blocks, diet and digestion both physical and mental.
So spread the word, my friends!
I’ve got space and time to give.
Always: In Service.


Connect. Communicate. Nourish.
All too often in the game of life, we often neglect the simplest of needs.
Connection and touch.
This upcoming workshop is geared towards couples, learning together how to give and receive touch through the art of Shiatsu massage.
I’m excited to be sharing this romantic evening, filled with sensual chocolates, love potions and deep connection.

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 2.13.38 pm.png

Clear and defrag your Mind

I’m excited to offer this wonderfully relaxing and insightful treatment: Access Bars.
This simple and effective modality brings clarity and focus as it clears away any old programs that no longer serve us in our day to day lives.
These sessions are 60 mins in length and promise to give you a wonderfully relaxing experience.


Magnesium Concentrate & MSM Sulfur.

Come on in and grab your refills of Magnesium or stock up on some organic MSM sulfur.
Bring in a bottle for the Magnesium and I’ll refill it by the mill.

Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 2.56.51 pm.png

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