Food Wonder: The Sweet Potato

Food Wonder!
Know you’re foods

Sweet potato

The humble sweet potato is more than just a root vegetable that can be eaten so many ways, both sweet and savory, baked, fried or mashed!
They can also help in so many ways.

This sweet little yam has a cooling flavour and can help strengthen the Spleen and digestive function by promoting Qi energy.
It aids the Kidney’s by building Yin which combined with its cooling qualities can benefit dry and inflamed conditions in the body.
Super abundant in vitamin A making it great if you’re having trouble seeing at night.

As with everything, take the middle path, too much of this little lump of goodness can cause indigestion and swelling in your belly. And nobody needs that.

If there’s a vegetable you’d like to know more about, comment and I’ll find some useful info on its qualities from a Oriental medicine perspective.Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 6.22.35 pm.png

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