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“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.”

Albert Einstein


Shiatsu is a beautiful style of massage that uses the energetic system of meridians and acupoints from Chinese Medicine. It is the same system as Acupuncture.
However there is no use of needles, I employ my hands, my intention and occasionally a tuning fork or well placed tools to help encourage energy to flow as it is intended.
Chinese medicine is a hugely diverse and practical resource of knowledge and wisdom gathered and constantly evolving over the last 4000 years.
The key elements of Oriental medicine and well being revolve around the notion that ‘Prevention is the Cure’. The role of a Shiatsu practitioner is to discern the health of not just your Physical body (Organs, muscles, sinews, structures and transportation systems), but also your Emotional body (mental well being, trauma, response and reaction), and your Spiritual body (Core Beliefs, Values and Connection).
It is all of the systems working together beneficially that create a strong and abundant person who is able to traverse life with courage, strength, flexibility and compassion.


A next-level therapy.
Here you will experience precision calibrated tuning forks directly to the points on your body dependent on the outcome that you desire.
Acutonics works on the benefit of vibration to help shift the energies of the body.
Sound healing has been around for eons, we’ve all felt music that touches our Heart, we’ve seen how sound can put out fires and move objects.
Acutonics take sound healing up a notch by applying the vibration directly to the body. These forks are not only deeply soothing to feel, but they are powerful for restoring balance and harmony to your body, mind and spirit.


Shiatsu and Reiki both hail from Japan and are based on the knowing that everything is energy.
Reiki is all about channelling energy into the body and is great for balancing the chakras, reducing pain and a sense of wellbeing to name a few.


Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping.
A simple and effective modality to help shift trauma, habits and stuck emotions.
By tapping on specific acupoints and working verbally through stress, pain, addictions or any issue we can swiftly change the feeling and attitude as well as helping to shift the synapse function in our brain by slowly creating new pathways.
It’s a fantastic and life changing technique that anyone can learn and utilise daily.