States of Wonder: Mindfulness 1

States of Wonder!

Meditation is a huge trans-formative activity that literally everybody and anybody can do.
It helps to understand the theory, principles and psychological effects that meditation can have on not just your current state of being, but your entire life.

The Attitudes of Mindfulness
1. A non-judgemental attitude

We make judgements on an everyday basis. A second to second basis even.
Have you ever been able to just observe something without thinking that you already know what it is?

I watched my thoughts and the conditioned parts of by Mind the other day whilst waiting to cross at the lights.
I tried to observe a shop front with a quiet mind and found myself looking at the objects through the window “lamp”, “mirror”, “sign”.
I grinned to myself at how I couldn’t observe the world without thinking I already knew what everything was.

Meditation asks us to be an impartial witness to our experience.
Being able to do this actually means that literally everything we see is a miracle, a wonder and we can have a child like curiosity about even the most mundane object.

We rarely experience this feeling as we’re already gauging the world around us as if we’ve been here for a millennium.

If you have a mediation practice, remember this first intention or attitude: non judgement.
In your meditation begin to notice the judging mind, there’s no need to try and stop it, your Mind is made to think. Just become aware of your thoughts, become aware of the distraction of your thoughts and bring yourself back to focus on whatever your chosen focus point is, ie: your breath, scanning or images.

See if you can notice this in your moving life also.
Bring your meditation into the world and maybe, just maybe, it will all become a miracle!

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