Are you letting your values down?

How are you letting your values down?

Often times when we are experiencing depression, anxiety, frustration and an inability to be motivated it is purely because we are unaware that we are not living up to our very own core values.
The irony is that many people don’t even know what their values are.

Do you know what your values are?

Now, I’m not talking about your opinions or judgements on life.
I’m talking about the things you are actually doing in your life.
Example: You may have a very high value on family.
So, you take a job to look after your family, but the job makes you so miserable, which over time leads you come home and spend more time in front of the television disconnecting than connecting with your loved ones.
This is a familiar case of having a core value of family, but are suffering failure due to making life choices that do not serve you.

What are your core values?

A great test that I was put onto is the Demartini values test.
It’s worth taking a look if you’d like to improve the quality of your life from discomfort to contentment.
I did this test 5 months ago and have just repeated the test again.
It was amazing to see the difference in my answers.
The first time I took this test I didn’t take it seriously enough to fill out the answers properly.
So to see how I did the test now was a great testament to the changes I have made in my life.
At the time I did the first test, in September last year, I was in a pretty rough space.
Having worked hard to release myself of my own demons, I am so proud to say that I am really happy with the changes I can compare to my latest results.

Below I have shared with you my two test. It’s pretty clear to see there are some big changes.
It’s great to see that I am spending more time spread across the aspects I feel strongly about and even to see a decrease in things like work and an increase in creativity/art and self improvement.

I have found this quiz very valuable.
Perhaps you will too.
Find out what your core values are and lead yourself to a happier life.

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