Cosmic Energy

Below is an exert from Daverick Leggetts book Recipes for Self Healing. This book is not only an amazing cookbook based primarily on Chinese Medicine, Daverick spends a portion of the book explaining the beauty and magic of Qi and how it relates to our lives and health. Seeing the world through his eyes is … Continue reading Cosmic Energy

The Heart Connection

Overwhelm? Anxiety? Stress? It's all about the Heart-Brain connection. How to calm the Mind and live a peaceful life.

Flushing the Gall Bladder

This Spring energy is definitely stirring up a lot of the Wood energy from the Liver and Gall Bladder. If you're feeling pent up, quietly explosive, anxious, impatient, frustrated or angry, below is a few ways to help the Liver by cleansing the Gall Bladder. The Gall Bladder (GB) stores excess bile from the Liver … Continue reading Flushing the Gall Bladder