End of Life Doula

Traversing parts of our lives sometimes requires a little help and it is even more true when preparing for the final phase of life which is often scary, daunting and mysterious.

Having someone in service to provide advice, support and connection at a time that is often not spoken about is invaluable in ensuring that we experience a ‘good’ death.

What is an End of Life Doula?
‘Doula’ in ancient Greek means ‘woman in service’.
In our modern times, Doula’s are often known to assist in the birth process, but a trained Doula is also someone that can provide support for those who are preparing for the end of life process.
A Death Doula helps someone with a life-limiting prognosis to discern what their needs are for this phase of life and helps to ensure a ‘good’ death.

Supporting Your Choices
Each person’s journey is unique and personal.
I will provide space for those near the end of their life journey to discern what their needs are for this phase with loving, compassionate guidance and support.
My role is to help reduce stress and overwhelm for the person dying as well as the family by helping to plan the end of life options and to ensure that the final step is made with grace and dignity.

Care, Connection & Support
As a companion to individuals and families during advanced illness and dying it is often a time of reflection and growing grief.
I am here to offer support emotionally and spiritually and to help create an environment of care and connection.
As a trained Shiatsu, Reiki, Acutonics and EFT practitioner I am able to offer physical and emotional tools to help alleviate stress, anxiety and pain.

I will help in holding space to have open, honest and judgment-free conversations about this difficult and often avoided part of life which will help to advocate and plan. By being open and real we can reduce overwhelm and uncertainty.

A Little about Joya
I have had a rich and diverse life of experience. From animal training to sound editing, flying trapeze artist to Healer.
I desire to be in service to all that cross my path to help live and die with grace and joy in the knowing that we are all connected.

To connect with Joya please contact her on
0478 740 727
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