The Heart Connection

IMG_0982Heart-Brain balance

According to studies over the last century or more, our Heart is said to send more signals to the Brain than the Brain does to the Heart.

The vibration from the Heart has a strong significance to the way our Brain functions, the signals of the Heart influence our processes for memory, problem-solving and emotional stability (to name a few).

During times of negative emotions such as stress and overwhelm, the Heart vibrations become erratic causing the cognitive function of the Brain to decrease making attention, positivity and performance difficult, and also erratic.

From a Chinese medicine viewpoint, our connection and ability to perceive the outside world is the responsibility of the Heart. It is also where our Spirit resides, vastly different from the western psychological stance of the Brain being the seat of consciousness.

If you’ve ever had a broken Heart or experienced a catatonic trauma, you’ll be more than aware that the Heart affects our ability to feel and see the world around us. If we do not have an open and connected Heart, our connection to the world is dramatically changed.

The Heart Meridian


Meridians are channels in the body that carry Qi (energy, or in the west: oxygen), a vital power that is not just ‘energy’ per se, it is the original force that is contained in and motivates everything in the universe.

These meridians cover the entire body and are associated with a specific organ. In Shiatsu we are able to work with the Qi by massaging the meridians to restore the balance to the organ and thus the entire system.
In Chinese medicine, everything is connected and has a relationship to the other, so if one organ begins to suffer it will inadvertently begin to effect another operation in the body.

5 elements
Each Organ is connected to all other organs either in a generating or controlling cycle.

The superficial Heart meridian begins from the armpit and continues down the arm to the small finger. Along the meridian there are acupoints that affect the Qi in various ways. This meridian also travels deeper into the body and has an extension that comes to the surface and runs down the back of the legs.
It is the meridian along the arm that we predominately ‘work’ during a Shiatsu treatment. We may also incorporate other points around the body that directly affect the organ itself and other points that may be beneficial to the Fire element in which the Heart resides.

Connecting the dots

The Heart is the residence of the Spirit, which is grounded in the Blood. So if we postulate that the Heart is indeed sending signals to the Brain, then it goes without saying that by calming the Heart, we will also calm the Mind and by ensuring that the Spirit, our consciousness, is firmly nourished by the Blood, that which travels around the entire body by way of the Heart, then the brain, which needs a rich supply of Blood, for cognitive function, will perform at its best for memory and problem-solving.
By directly working the Heart meridian it is possible to calm the Mind and bring about peace and harmony.
As with all thing holistic, ensuring a good diet will mean that our Blood is abundant with oxygen, minerals, and plasma and of course, exercise, creativity and mindfulness all make for a healthy life.

Open the Heart

There are various techniques you can practice to ensure that the energy of your Heart is grounded and open.
reclining goddes

Simply laying on the ground with a pillow under your upper back and opening your arms, breathing fully into the pit of your stomach all the way to the top of your lungs.

Stretching using a Makka Ho (Shiatsu stretch) to open both the Heart and Small Intestine channels.
fire phase mh

Massaging the Heart meridian directly

HT mx

Treat yourself to a Shiatsu.
Opening up the Heart and its channels and pathways using Shiatsu is a most wonderful experience, the gorgeous stretches and bodywork help reach a calm and relaxed, open and content.

There are these and many more ways to open the Heart, creating a joyful and calm existence for yourself. It can be as easy as visualising and meditating upon how you would like to see your future. Whichever way, you’ll find your way with an open and steady Heart.

Guided meditation

The Solstice Sphere provides monthly gatherings in Guided Creative Meditation.
This practice is great for adding to your current disciplines and regime.
The next meet we’ll be working with the Quantum Field to visualise and plant the seed for the future we really want to experience.

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