This is another exert from Daverick Leggett's book 'Recipes for Self Healing' - 1999. I would write my own personal take on the energetics and emotions of such things, but I really feel that Daverick does such justice to this world as a living entity. The below section is from the chapter on Water: "In … Continue reading Water

Connecting Through Touch Class

It was such a pleasure to run this class in February, that I thought I would run it again. Coming up Sunday 31st March 7.15pm till 9.15pm at Pachamama Healing the Connecting Through Touch - Shiatsu For Couples workshop is on again. If you were unable to make the last class, you and your nearest … Continue reading Connecting Through Touch Class

Connecting Through Touch – Shiatsu for Couples

I've got a most beautiful event for you to discover! I'm excited to bring you a Shiatsu for Couples night. This evening will teach you some of the techniques of Shiatsu, how to listen openly with your Heart and your Hands and help to deepen your relationship to the other. Whether you are in an … Continue reading Connecting Through Touch – Shiatsu for Couples

The Heart Connection

Overwhelm? Anxiety? Stress? It's all about the Heart-Brain connection. How to calm the Mind and live a peaceful life.