“Every intentional act is a Magickal act”
– Aleister Crowley
This sentence really says a lot to me.
For me, it peels back the layers of all judgment and reminds me of the beauty at the core of everything done from a place of Love and Peace. That anything you create, is in fact, a miracle.
Call it Magick, Law of Attraction, Manifesting, whatever your vocabulary, everything you create (ie: emotions, money, food, art, clothes, energy), is indeed magickal.
In order to effect change/conceive, a series of forces must all coincide together in the same place and time.
You are indeed the cauldron of the creation of your reality, your world.
Like attracts Like
In this thinking, positive thoughts/motives/actions create more positive outcomes and the like goes for negative motion.
If this is truly the case, knowing yourself is of the utmost importance.
This isn’t just to say what makes you ‘tick’ or how you even react to the situations that arise around you, it is also about digging deep and understanding the unconscious, ingrained programs running deep within your psyche. Some of those programs are there through experience and some of those are infused quietly into our neural network from exterior sources. Others can be inherited, passed down from generation to generation.
Whichever the case, the uncovering of your Being, not indistinct from Ego, but moreover, the most innocent and pure aspect of the Ego, is a journey, which like any equilibrium, has its ups and downs, but ultimately ends in Joy. Serenity. Peace.
Walking the Path
Understanding yourself is work. And its called thus succinctly.
Think of the last time you endured a real challenge. Maybe it was climbing a mountain, finishing an assignment, starting a business, changing the course of your life, whatever the ‘hurdle’, any formative adventure, no matter how impactful it will be, requires work on behalf of the bearer.
This requires passion, strength, focus and a clear vision.
Knowing also, that just like any good faerie tale, there will be tests (known as perils and dangers), they are just that.
Remember the movie Indiana Jones – “only the penitent man shall pass” – being humble is certainly helpful.
Trust in the unknown is a must.
It may be truthful to say that if we had all the answers, we would learn nothing as we amble along the path.
The real beauty comes with having the curiosity for that which we can not know.
The one weapon you have is: knowing thyself.
This can only be done en route. Don’t be afraid to see yourself in lights you may not consider ‘flattering’ or ‘right’. If you find yourself at odds with yourself, you are taking the first step of acknowledgement. This constant trip hazard, over time, will dissipate as we learn to accept ourselves (and therefore others) for simply being Human. Post acceptance comes conscious change (magick). Bestowing thy will upon a force in order to rearrange. Then comes Peace.
Trust Sidekicks
Luckily every adventure never sets out alone. Helpers/angels may seem distant or not visible, but they are always there.
You always have your trusty ‘Sam Gamgee’ (LOTR reference) close at hand and if you keep a watchful eye out, you may just find that every person or Being is a teacher, a guide.
Listening and being aware is the key to discovering the gems hidden within every entity.
The Joy of accomplishment will never arrive without the journey.
As is said, “it is not the destination”.
One of my favourite quotes is:
“The Path to Nirvana is never easy or smooth, but rocky and treacherous.
If you only walk on sunny days you will never reach your destination”
Not that you will only ever experience rain, hail and doom on your journey, just that when the times are tough – keep walking.
In Knowing and Healing
We’re very lucky to have a lot of resources on our journey’s.
Some of you may have experienced the amazing benefits of Shiatsu, EFT, Acutonics, meditation or any of the other modalities that are offered at TSS.
Bodywork offers pre, during and post journey benefits if utilised, so as you walk down your yellow brick road, don’t forget to have a top up here and there, a session for reflection and rebuilding or even in preparation for that adventure you’d like to take.


Friday 13th July
Mindfulness Walk
Meeting point:
The Source Cafe
Group Meditation 2-01
Thursday 26th July
Guided Creative Meditation
TSS/Newcastle Aikido
Donations welcomed

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