A Visual Meditation

For the best results, please read through this meditation beforehand.
It is not necessary to remember each aspect, allow your creative mind to take the meditation where it feels necessary.

Find a comfortable position and allow your body and mind to relax by focusing on a steady breath.
If you have The Breathing App (or something similar), follow the breathing rhythm for a period of 5-10 mins or until you feel calm and relaxed.

Use any protection or grounding techniques you use before meditation or visualisation.
If you are unsure, imagine that there is a white light surrounding your body.

When you are ready visualise a transparent bag floating in space in front of you. The bag is transparent, so you are able to see the contents.

In the centre of this bag is a purple orb, you can see it swirling inside the bag.
Glowing purple and bright.
As it spins it creates a vortex.

Now imagine that you put into this transparent bag all the things that define you as a person.
Take your house, and place it in the transparent bag.
You can still see your house, but now it is in the bag with the purple orb.
Now place your car
Your job
Your partner
into the bag.
You can still see them, but they are all inside the bag, the purple orb in the centre, shining bright.
Continue by placing
Your kids in the bag, and now
Your Mother
Your Father
Your relatives
Your pets
Now your character, your personality. Place them in the bag with the purple orb.
Place your hobbies
Your desires
Your books
Your education
Your television
Your bills
Your mobile
Your computer
Put all of these into the bag with the purple orb. You can see the bag filling with all these things.
Place your pots and pans, your cutlery, your food in the bag
In the bag goes your furniture
Your wallet
Your jewellry
Continue by placing all of the material object you identify with in the transparent bag, the purple orb still shining and swirling in the middle.

Once you have placed all you can in the bag, place all your clothes, including the clothes you are wearing right now.

Take a moment to take a look at all the things that you have put in this bag.

When you have taken stock of all the things in this bag, imagine you have some strong rope in your hands, and tie this bag up, so that nothing falls out.

Taking a few breaths, imagine that there, behind the bag is a vast expanse of the universe.

When you are ready, I want you to count to 3 and give this bag that contains everything that defines you, the biggest kick that you can muster.
Imagining that you kick this bag into the vast and open universe.
You are watching this bag with the purple swirling orb and all the things that define you slowly float out into space.
Getting smaller and smaller and smaller until you can not see it anymore.

And when you can no longer see the transparent bag.

Ask yourself –
Who am I?
And what am I ready for now?

When you are ready to return, take a few deep breaths. Imagine the light around you and slowly come back to your body.

Take some time to write or ponder what you have felt or experienced.


Gratitude and courtesy to Christina Sullivan

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