Set Your Construct

How does your container look?

During this amazingly discombobulating time, I would like to impress upon you the importance of having a strong daily practice.

When we feel strong in our boundaries, we in turn feel safe within our bodies.
Calm Minds filled with patience and awareness, when grouped together make for strong and safe communities where communication and tolerance towards one another become less about the ego and more about collective peace and abundance.

Where are you being fed?

In this epoch, I observe in the clinic individuals with high stress levels, pain, inflammation, digestive issues and arrhythmic patterns.
Often there is a distinguishable pattern occurring.
Many find that time is stretched with the hours spindling from one activity to the next without much of a breath in between.
Anxiety, headaches, a sense of groundlessness occurs and as these symptoms go on, it is often ‘normalised’ in order to keep functioning.

To add on top, when we tap into the inter web world of media, our sense of reality can often be drastically swayed by what is being fed straight into our hands.
Other entities, opinions and judgements can often impound the already existing disharmony occurring within.

What activities we partake in could equally be equated to what we decide to ingest.
How we chew over our food is much how we masticate information that seeps into our Minds.

Where you choose to spend your time, what you choose to read, observe and align with is super important to your well being.

Constantly being triggered by posts or articles is much like feeding yourself fast food and sugar based substances. It might tweak the dopamine levels to a satisfactory state of elevation momentarily, however, this is usually short lived and only ends with a terrible feeling in the pit of the stomach.

Do you have a solid daily practice?

The only way we can create a container with which we can shape ourselves against is by taking the time to actually care for ourselves.
By spending time in radical self care, we create safety and a deep sense of groundedness.

To get up a little early and spend some time in reverence is to provide a space to tap in, slow down, set your mood for the day and create a personal environment of gratitude and Love/Care for yourself.
The pay off is ease, peace and calm that radiates outwards changing the environment as it travels.
Who doesn’t want that????!!!!

These rituals need not be grandiose gestures or hours at a time, though I guarantee that continual regular practice will inevitably create so much joy, you’ll want to spend more time here.

If you are searching for a practice, the simplest way to begin the day is just to spend some time focusing on your breath.
Monitor the rate in which you are breathing and then slow it down a little.
Tune into the beating of your Heart, timing your breaths to a number of beats, equally in and out.
Alternatively, you can use a breathing timer (see below).

Or, perhaps Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi are more your style.
Movement based practices timed to the breath are also wonderfully valid ways of starting out your day in self care.

Maybe you prefer some time to massage your body, take some time to write or even play some music.

Whatever your flavour, these activities are solely for you.
A space to strengthen the self and therefore grow the ability to share yourself fully with others.
As they say, fill your cup first… Put your mask on before helping others…

So take your time, Lovely Beings.
Your peace and joy will thank you for it

The genius’ behind HeartMath Institute have done an amazing amount of research to understand the workings of the Heart and just how important it is for our sense of well being, not just as the pump that keeps us alive.
The existence of the electromagnetic frequency (EMF) of the Heart has been monitored and proven. The vibration of the Heart can be felt up to 10 metres (so far!) away and has an impact on the environment around us.
We can control our Heart rate and therefore this frequency just by breathing correctly.
We’ve often been told that breathing is involuntary and whilst for purely survival tactics, this may be true, but between you and me, I think we’d all like to do more than survive!
Breathing for optimal health takes conscious and aware motivation.
And when feelings of joy and gratitude are paired in, we begin to see the change in our EMF and therefore another state change within our biosphere.
When our breathing is short, stunted and not full, the signal to the Heart and Brain fire off all the warnings to trigger the sympathetic nervous system, increasing Heart rate, firing the adrenals, shutting off digestion getting us ready to run or fight.
On the other hand, if we slow our breath, we slow our Heart rate, decrease circulation and heat, closing down the adrenals creating a parasympathetic scenario often known as rest and digest, a place where we calm and have the space to heal.
I’ve started using a breathing timer at the beginning of sessions to help aid the body’s relaxation, getting into rest and digest far quicker which gives the treatment a much better canvas to work with.
I’ve observed such great improvements within myself and clients that I wanted to share this simple and amazing app with you.
The Breathing app facilitates your breathing rhythm, helping you to drop in anywhere anytime.
According to research, the ultimate breathing rate is 5.5 secs inhalation, 5.5 secs exhalation which equates to 5.5 breaths per minute, a total of 5.5 litres of air.
On the app you can set your breathing rate various ways, though I recommend with 5:5 or 6:6 depending on your capacity, which will improve with time.
I inspire you to give conscious breathing a go!
The app is free and you can do it anywhere anytime and the only thing people will notice is how awesomely calm and grounded you are, heartening them to feel the same.

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