Self Care

Recently I made a series of videos for lower back pain relief.

6 points with a brief run down of their meaning from a Chinese medicine perspective.

The aim of these points are to give those suffering from lumbar pain a set of points to add to their self care regime, whether that be stretching, strengthening or resting.

These points can be rubbed or held for anything length of time as much as you feel is necessary.

The concept behind using points for self care is to become aware of what the your body is doing and saying.
Whilst these points are great for pain relief, they are not a quick fix to trauma or injury, they are purely to help bring awareness to your body through self care and alleviate a little discomfort.

I hope you find these points helpful.
I will be making more videos for other areas of the body as well as emotional and other physiological disharmonies.

Happy self care to you!

Lumbar Pain Self Care Tips

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