A Life of Experience

The Art of Experimentation

“Don’t trust a word I say. Go out and discover it for yourself!” – said every Sage ever

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about the experiential nature of Life.
Much of what we think we know has been spoon-fed to us and over time and repetition becomes Belief, rather than Wisdom.

Many things are taught to us and from an early age, we learn to believe what we are told by our elders/teachers/parents, rather than seek the Truth for ourselves.
If you think about this rote way of learning, it is very dis-empowering and thwarting to our growth and development as Beings on a very physical and dense world.

Knowledge : that which we learn from our surroundings
Experience : that which we learn by kinesthesia (doing ourselves)

Knowledge + Experience = Wisdom
Wisdom = Truth

belief“Belief is not a short cut that will take you to a significant destination
Believing what others say is a risky business you must discover the truth and knowledge for yourself or it will not be
your truth or your knowledge.
Your truth and knowledge lives deeply and vibrantly within your being whilst someone else’s truth and knowledge can penetrate no deeper than your intellect.
Listening to others may greatly improve the efficiency of your journey, or send you off to wander aimlessly. In either case, you must make the trip to experience, asses and validate the reality you find.”
– My Big Toe – Thomas Campbell
Some would have you think that Truth is absolute.
Belief is something of an entirely different nature.

Belief is personal, based on trust without proof.
Belief may or may not be true and can change over time, being dependent on faith and confidence, trust and feelings whilst Truth is based on thought and logic.

Nature (our greatest teacher) has shown us, for time immemorial, that there are always exceptions to the rules, and whilst majority sets our social and well-being parameters, rigid thinking or blind faith eventually gets us into hot water.
There are always exceptions to the rule.

Wisdom teaches us that what is good for the goose may not necessarily be good for the gander.
Belief may be Truth, but can only be uncovered by the process of experimentation to transform.

What you believe will create your reality. Having said that: if your reality is based on trust that is flimsy and maligned, reality will also be flimsy and insubstantial, creating dissonance and disharmony.

I absolutely do not discount intuition and feeling, these lay in the realm of non-physical reality, a wavelength outside our perceptive reality, however for it to become proven as Truth, we must test these lighter energies to see if they stand the test of physical reality becoming useful in this denser part of the energetic spectrum.

What I am trying to get at is – whilst thousands of years of information and experiential understanding has been handed down to me through the modalities in which I practice –

Don’t believe what I say! Test it out for yourself.

Sessions are not decree’s being handed out as strict rules to be followed. Suggestions are made based on data collated over many years, however, this may mean absolutely nothing to you if it does not work.
What I ask of you is to have an open AND sceptical Mind.
Ascertain for yourself through the use of your curiosity and exploration to discover if the suggestions made (or any suggestions from any source) are actually beneficial to finding the centre of your well-being and health.

All I ask is for your feedback.
How are you feeling?
Are you feeling shifts?
Do you find that (made suggestion) is working for you?

If you do feel changes due to a suggestion set into action – GREAT!
If not, please permit me to find another way – there are no mistakes!

Life is a wonderful journey, where we discover the very nature of our Soul and hopefully walk the path that attunes us with the Cosmos.
Misadventures are not a distraction from the path but serve as signposts that are integral to our health and well-being.

The ‘fail army’ meme that has appeared in the last decade creates anxiety and negative feelings towards mistakes and perceived failure, where in fact ‘failure’ is a fertile realm where rapid growth resides.

In summary :
Go forth and delight in the fun and joy of experimentation.
Take everything with a grain of salt and keep an open mind.

Know that despite your experiential experience of Life, you are not alone.
There are always wonderful guides and mentors along the way, though true seekers discover Truth through their own trial and error, rather than hope and faith (and listening to the news on social media or listening to the latest Guru or western Shaman.)

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