Our amazing bodies are constantly looking after our well being.
A constant flow of foreign bodies enter our systems, creating disharmony within, as our body works to maintain equilibrium.
It’s a full-time job, requiring energy and resources.
In order to supply fuel and resources, it is our responsibility to nourish ourselves in ways that enhance our efficiency.
Healthy, clean, well-grown foods.
Quality sleep.
Stretching and exercise.
These elements are all integral parts of the system.
If you have trouble with this concept, think about the fuel, oil, and parts of your car. It saves you time, money and trouble if you maintain it and take care of it. Right?
How would Shiatsu help?
Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing modality with the sole goal of restoring the Qi and Blood to its natural flow and balance.
Working with channels and energy, it is not the Shiatsu itself that heals the body, it is only by putting all the wayward pieces back in their correct place that gives the body back its ability to do its job.
Think of that car – if you put bad fuel into the system it will compromise the economy and power of the working parts.
Shiatsu is like the mechanic cleaning out the fuel lines, replacing the filter and running clean fuel back through so that the car can return to its optimal state.
There are channels, points and organs in the body that help to elicit stronger immunity and strength.
For instance, Zu San Li – Stomach 36 – Three Mile Leg – strengthens the Qi, regulates the Wei Qi (Defenses), expels Wind (exterior pathogens) and Damp (phlegm), clears Fire (heat) and calms the Spirit.
A pretty necessary point in the change of season and in the concern for viruses.
ST36 is an easily accessible point that you can press every day, it will increase your energy, aid digestion and regulate elimination.
It can be found 4 fingers under the knee cap, at the boney protuberance one finger on the lateral aspect of the tibia.
There are many ways Shiatsu can help with immunity and health.
Why not give it a try?
Make a booking with the link in the profile.

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