It’s not about the destination, it’s about the Transition.

We are always phasing from one point to the next.
Time shifts from one second to the proximate second in increments so small they go unnoticed by the busy mind.

Much of our education says we go from one point to the next.
Put 1 and 1 together you get 2.
From point A we get to point B.

Use your intuitive imagination and consciously we all knowingly understand that “its about the journey, not the destination (dude;).”

The path from point A to point B is made up of A.aa, A.ab… A.ay,, B, B.aa… and so on and so forth.
Even in between that A.aa and A.ab there are infinite values within values!

The musical scale has defined notes and between those notes, there is a multitude of microtones.

Between 11 o’clock and 12 o’clock we have minutes, those minutes are made up of seconds and there are nano bits of time between, fractaling further and further into smaller increments.

As Humans, we define our existence from event to the next event.
From point A, striving to reach point B, finally to end up at point C where we hope to find some kind of outcome that we can bond an emotion with which will then be stored in the memory banks and utilised at a future event.

On our daily grind, life can look a bit grey when we are only moving from event to event without noticing all the glory in the nano moments in between.

The truth is that there are no real points//events//episodes.
We are continuously sliding through a transition, evolving and shifting according to the environment around us.

We don’t go from stopped at the lights instantly to 6okm/hr.
We can’t learn a new thing without reading all the words in between.
We do not go from healthy to sick in a matter of seconds.
The Earth does not go from Summer to Winter in one fell swoop.

We are constantly in transition, with peaks and troughs intersecting the journey

We are constantly in transition with peaks and troughs intersecting the journey.

Seasonally we are considered to be in Winter which is related to the Water element.
From a TCM perspective, as of today we are phasing out of Winter and are into what is defined as the transitional period related to the Earth element.
We begin to notice the bouncing downwards and upwards of the temperature, like the ocean ebbing and rising with the tides, the seasons begin to shift as the Earth gradually changes its tilt and the environment alters accordingly.
We can feel Spring coming, it doesn’t suddenly dawn one day as Spring (as our calendar suggests).
We are always transitioning on that path//journey//way, it is on that path that we reach a climax, as we continue we reach another.

It is not the other way around, from peak to peak, the bit in the middle the arduous and annoying effort needed to get from this place to the next.

Transition is a natural progression.
Quiet the mind, then you’ll begin to notice the magic happening, tiny increment by tiny increment.

That brings me to the current paradigm.
2020 has been quite the year and humanity is transiting from one trough to a different peak.
It is an exciting time to be alive.
Yes, it is uncomfortable, disconcerting and unknown.
And yes! What an amazing opportunity to create something beautiful and amazing.
Having said that, for something amazing to occur, it requires your attention, care and constant nudging in nanoscale administration.

Transitions are made difficult by our constant desire to get out from one place only to get to the next better, more affable place.
But it is this very moment that is so important.

We use history to make a decision we wish to see in the future, we use this moment to implement actions to steer our course to the future we hope and imagine.
Repeat and repeat again until the desired state is achieved.

We can see, over a period of larger time, the shifts that occur by making minute changes.
There are no broad strokes.
The beauty of a painting is in the sum of the details.

With the environment forever developing, corrections have to be made in real-time, living in a constantly refreshing moment we need only make small changes to our own behaviour, thoughts and actions and allow the journey of time to receive those ripples which will grow as they resonate outwards, fuelled by others doing just the same.

In order for us to make changes, we will find ourselves challenged in countless ways (the above image is a perfect representation, the zero point being the birth of an action which grows exponentially over time).
We all know that if everything is fine, then nothing changes.
What 2020 presents is an upheaval to the systematic way in which we have found comfort.
What 2020 represents is a brilliant opportunity for growth as an individual and as a collective.

I reach out to you, to define your image of the future.
Who you are now and how you hope to be.
What you hope for your family and friends, long after we are gone.
Set your course.
Make small adjustments as you float down the river of trust and surrender.
Keep hope and faith in your Heart and know that transition is a normal and natural path.

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