There is no Guru.

The western Mind does some great and crazy things.
One thing I’ve noticed as I continue to study, practice and grow is that with our constant drive for the next benchmark, more abundance, more comfort, more more, is that we often miss the most simple, most nourishing, most beautiful things and moments. In fact, every moment. Every tick of the clock as each second dissolves into another. We miss the constantly shifting clouds, the growing of the sapling, the ink draining from our pen (for those who still use pens;).
We look only at outcomes, destinations, results. We colour our experiences with opinions and emotions according to our success or failure rate.
But I’m going to say to whoever is reading, something that I think is very important:
We miss the very point of why we are living!
All those opinions, thoughts and desires are not important and are the very thing that must be let go if we are to be whole, healthy and joyful.
If you have a daily practice and you’re holding that pose thinking about how uncomfortable or sore you are, if you’re thinking about the seconds till it’s over, or how long till your next cup of coffee, or maybe it’s how you’ll reward yourself for doing your practice today, you are 100% inhibiting yourself to a wonderful experience.
If I can offer a tip, next time you practice and you notice how you’re focusing on something other than your breath, without a thought bring yourself back to your breath, let the thoughts go, allow the pain to simply fall into the background. It will still be there however, it is not the main focus of your experience, your breath is.
Soften and surrender to the here and now without a wish for something to be different or allowing distractions to distract you from this moment.
Having said that, these are just words. And by sharing them I’ve just given you more to think about. Please remember that it is only by repetition that we learn. And you are your greatest teacher. No one can teach you how to reach nirvana, you will only make your destination by walking on the path. There are no higher, more ascended Beings, only those who have walked and walked and walked, Aimlessly and tirelessly, until just like that, they stumbled upon their destination.
There are so many people selling answers to your ceaselessly chattering Mind, your pain, remedies for peace and tranquillity, but none of them can really teach you how to do anything (it only equates to more noise in your head). Only you can be the master of your own life.
Only you can sit with yourself and train yourself to still your mind, slow your heart and drop in.
And trust me, it’s worth the time.
Life will open up to you, free of the noise of years of conditioning and entrainment. Peace follows. Life begins. Freedom ensues.
Good luck traveller.
I wish you well and I’ll see you on the path!!!!!
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