Yang zhong you yin, yin zhong you yang
In the Heart of Yin there is Yang. In the Heart of Yang there is Yin.

Summer! Fun and the Sun.

The Solstice Sphere will be open all through the festive season this year.
No need to panic 😉 you’ll be able to get your favourite sessions booked in, keeping you balanced and sustained all through the silly season.

Client participation

I’ve been pretty slack with promoting my own business, I won’t lie, it’s definitely not my forte.
However! I am determined to seek out and defeat my own weaknesses.
So, I’m asking for a little help.
If anyone is happy to share their experience with Shiatsu at TSS in the form of a story or testimony, please entertain me and hopefully a league of others, by sending me your anectodal journey.
Your name and any personal details won’t be shared with the public, only what you have worked through and defeated in yourself.
Share a little bit about your journey, why you came in, what made you decided on Shiatsu…
Other things that might be considered are:
How you felt the first time you came in.
What changes you felt occurring during the course of your sessions.
What may have surprised you about your sessions.
Is there anything about these sessions that stand out in comparison to other modalities?
Was there an A-Ha! moment?
What do you enjoy most about sessions?
And anything else you’d like to add in there, please don’t shy.
I am grateful in advance for any participation you choose to share.
Thank you.


The Phenomenon of Experience

Many a famous philosopher have said it.
Thoughtfully posed and poised, intense in their minimal gestures as they state: “Know Thyself!”
From this point onwards an exponential number of humans have heeded the advice and literally taken it into every avenue possible.
Most spend time understanding the inner workings, others watching outwards.
Zhang ZhongJing (170AD) in his search for answers as a Chinese medicine physician, employed that the search for understanding came from our exterior world.
Our environment.
By observing the seasons and times of the year, he elucidated how these seasonal movements affect the body.
The study of our experience.
Basically, what Zhang ZhongJing discovered was that it is the movement and changes in our environment that can create health (or ill health) in our own systems. That essentially it is not our own Organs or body’s that create dis-ease, it is the continual force of exterior phenomena combined with our experience that creates disharmony within.

Zhang ZhongJing emphasised that cold is the greatest origin of countless diseases.
Not only environmental or internal cold, also cold due to lack of metabolic power.
Yang deficiency, in his books, was the root of all conditions.

From the two above understandings we can give the example that a thermometer may not show a high temperature however, a person feels an aversion to heat – this is regarded as a valid phenomenon, proving that there is heat in the system despite the validation of the thermometer. The phenomena of heat within a person is their experience and can be taken as fact despite empirical evidence.

In our modern society we often overlook our environment as the cause of our dis-ease.
There are many examples of where we do notice the phenomenon of how our environment affects us, ie: carpal tunnel from sitting at the computer every day, bloating and distention from too much rich and greasy food or heat from emotions such as anger arising from consistent blockage to Ones chosen path.
There are many other more subtle occurrences proving to cause imbalance and ill health. The study of Epigenetics is proving that the environment causes certain DNA to switch on or off, increased aeroallergens due to environmental change causing a proliferation of asthma-related illness, how the phases of the Moon move water through plants, tides, humans and animals or how working in the soil helps decrease depression.

From Zhang ZhongJing theory by simply observing the world around us, with awareness, we may be able to discern a pattern of how these movements operate within our own personal sphere.
How we experience the world is unique, the effects of our environment will differ from person to person, however, it is through this phenomenon that we can heal or hinder our lives and health.

It is for this reason that we always begin a session with a small chat about what is happening in your world, to ascertain the details of your work, family, recreational, emotional life is important to combine with the observation of tongue, pulse and Hara.
So, having said that, don’t hold back. Share whatever you feel is necessary to share, small details can mean a lot when trying to understand exactly what is causing that elbow pain, or insomnia, or emotional instability.

And in the meantime I offer you these questions:

How do you experience your environment?
What phenomena creates balance or imbalance for you?

It’s commonly said in China not to trust formulas that are only 500 years old since there’s not enough clinical experience to observe their efficacy and trustworthiness. This speaks a lot about our pharmaceutical formulations that are studied for a few years of clinical trials and then released on the market, where many  surprises are encounted.

Screen Shot 2019-10-16 at 6.09.49 pm.png

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