Mind over Matter


Literally, a walking plethora of experience and knowledge, everything you do, want to do or are going to do is filtered through every bit of information you’ve decided to take on board as imperative to your survival.
All those knee jerk reactions are such pertinent information into your deeper psyche.

Have you ever wondered why you think the way you do?

We are such intriguing beings!

The patterns of your Heart and Mind can be seen as reflections in the cracks and crevices of your actions and your physical body.
Where you store the data of your life experience can depend largely on the emotion attached to it.
It is not just in your brain, but in your body, ready to attract or avoid in order to find comfort.
This is why alternative modalities like shiatsu and oriental medicine are so potent.
This is why holistic health is so important.
It does not separate the mind, body, and spirit into separate pieces to be dealt with by a psychiatrist/doctor/priest.
Whether it be from pain, emotions or choice, there are ways to get back on the path and find fulfillment.

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