The weird connectivity between points

Did you know…?

There are points on your abdomen that can help you with tennis elbow?

Your body is AMAZING!
Just like all things in the Universe are connected, all the parts of your body are connected.
Your body is a dynamic system where Blood, Oxygen and Energy flow and when something is out of whack, other parts of your body compensate.

Shiatsu is based on the meridians and acupoints discovered through thousands of years. In Shiatsu we use the channels and points discovered by the Chinese in their traditional medical system to get everything back to balance.

Near and Far.

So you have these rivers or streams in your body that specifically carry Qi, aka Energy. Along these rivers are points where said energy accumulates. These points can tell us a lot about what is happening in that river, those points also affect other parts of the body via streams and estuaries that connect to other places.
Check out this map of the rivers in Australia, your meridians are no different.


Pain in the elbow

In this case of tennis elbow, we’ll look directly at the affected elbow, the points closest to the lateral epicondyle are Large Intestine 10 and 11. These nourishing points help to relieve inflammation that causes pain, LI11 directly affects the colon and can help to motivate a bowel movement which is cooling to the body, getting rid of built-up waste products.

The Cool Stuff

Here is where it gets interesting, if I head almost halfway down your left leg and push a point called Stomach 37 this will activate your ascending colon, the right side will motivate the descending colon and just under your rib cage at Stomach 22 affects your transverse colon. Stomach 25 either side of your belly button is an alarm point for your colon, so if this is sensitive we’re on the right track.
This combination creates a stagnation ‘flush’! So all that computer work, RSI, game playing, phone holding, and greasy food will cleanse the Large Intestine meridian of inflammation and stagnation with a simple push of a few buttons 😉

Different, Different

It is true that each person has there own disposition, how they respond and equilise themselves according to their environment will be different from person to person. An in-depth look at the Qi in a person’s system is needed, other points will be added according to which meridians and organs are being affected.

Your Fascinating Body

The sheer amazingness of your body and its invisible lines and energy is exciting. Understanding these concepts will bring you wide-eyed fascination and insight into the intricacies of your astounding body.

Everything your body does, even the uncomfortable, is its way of keeping you balanced and alive! All we need to do is learn its language, from simply listening we can keep ourselves springing along.

Love and respect that body! All its levels, and you’ll live a most excellent life!

Thanks to the AcuGuys for the inspiration

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