The Power of Intent

A few moons ago I wrote about the life calendar (see here).

A 90-year calendar broken down into weekly boxes. It was a visual aid to help put into context where one had been and possibly where one could plan their future desires.
Since then, I have been contemplating a lot the duration of life, and the things we associate within it.
The topic was again spurred into my awareness when listening to HG Wells ‘The Time Traveler’ on long stretches of arid, barren and deadly straight roads.
And again, as I wandered around the red and sandy spaces of our interior my attention being drawn to all the tracks left behind, made over time and abandoned. Fresh, then worn and even soaked into clay, stamped and trodden over by the newly arrived, all eventually to fade into ambiguity.
And then again, the dream of water etched into ancient rocks, its’ presence forever on the thoughts of all living consciousness and the desire to survive. These etches a ‘photo’ on the surface of compressed sand for what seems like an eternity to the human Mind.

Up here in the north, so far from the constantly unveiling drama of modern life and what is currently smothering the media, that of which whose impact on my life thus far, has only been to guide the direction in which I travel… I ponder the direction of humanity.

Each of these footprints or tracks have a limited life span, usually these marks, which represent the presence of moving beings, are forgotten about as soon as the foot leaves contact for the future event of the next step.
These prints worn upon by wind, rain, animal or another human, the memory in its physicality eventually erased.

When I ponder these tracks on an energetic level it presses upon me further the inclusivity and importance of Intention.

Often discussed in Shiatsu and TCM, especially in controversial trial studies and tests, is the ability of the practitioner to not just find the root cause, nor the point or channel desired to heal, the most important element in the melting pot of health/energetic healing is the ‘Intention’ of the practitioner.
There are points on the body whose location is arguably uncertain and ultimately left to the discernment of the therapist.
It is said that these particular points (or any point, really) are activated by pure awareness and intention rather than pressing, needling or massaging an specific physical location (which when further delved into, only says to me that it doesn’t really matter where you touch/hold/needle just that you know why you are doing it. Pure energy, after all, has no form. But that’s another email altogether;).

To come to the point, it is Intention that is the primary ingredient for everything we do and why we do it.
Perhaps, it is not even the final destination, whether it be success or failure, for the intention lingers and motivates far longer than the end result.


Usually described as “a mental state that represents a commitment to carrying out an action or actions in the future.” – Wikipedia
Much to my surprise when I asked several people where they believed that intention came from, they all stated ‘from the Mind’.
Like many things, I believe there are many more unseen levels which are not apparent at a glance.

The notion of Intention is no different.

We could contemplate further that there is much more behind the mental activity of planning and forethought, for instance, the feeling and the why we intend to carry something out.
Where does the reasoning come from? Not the conscious, reasoned and aware aspect. The deeper, unconscious. The motivation.

Walking into the Future.

We are indeed living in a time when our usual broadcasting timetable has been interrupted. Where the future of things is more unknown and uncertain than it has been for quite sometime.
With all this free time to mull over life, time, meaning and any other philosophical notion, I really want to impress upon each of you that what you set out to do, no matter what it is, a footprint, a gesture, a business or a destination, be clear about your Intention, not the destination or outcome, but the why and more specifically which part of you feels motivated to take out a future action?

Does your plan stem from fear? Avoidance? Emotion? Ego?
Love? Peace? Tranquility? Unity?

Every action an individual makes has a definite, however, indiscernible effect on their surroundings and community over time and space.
It is perhaps, not for us to really know how it will all pan out, but with trust and faith that the energy we inject into everything we do is shared and will shape our future trajectory.
I can only hope that these words fall softly upon the tender spaces of your Heart, when I say, whatever you intend or desire, set out with your Heart open, with the vision of Love, Peace and Unity, then breath deep and watch as the ripples of these positive energies spread out far and wide, bringing you a sense of calm, connection and gratitude.

It is not always the easiest thing to do, but when we do, we rise together.

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