I actually found Shiatsu by mistake! I was in a waiting room at the chiropractors, when I came across a flyer, which, to this day has me believing I was meant to hurt my lower back, so I could be led to Joya. As soon as I read the benefits of shiatsu, I made an appointment straight away. Not only has my back never felt better, but my life has taken on a whole new journey since I started going to the Solstice Sphere.
Joya is one of the truly beautiful people who takes the healing journey of her clients to a whole new level physically, spiritually and holistically.
Very grateful for your presence in my life, thanks for what you do



Joya is one beautiful soul who will help ignite and find that lost connection within! Joya is such a kind and nurturing person who has a wealth of knowledge not just in shiatsu but many other kinds of body healing. If you are tired of the traditional western methods and have become lost on your path in life, try a few sessions of shiatsu..Best thing I ever did for my body, mind and spirit.. Thank you Joya for being your beautiful self and spreading your love and light through this world 🙏🙏



I’ve had severe pain in neck and shoulder for years. I’ve seen chiropractors and masseuses but the one thing that really helped was shiatsu. Joya has really made a difference to me and she’s helped me enjoy life pain free. I absolutely recommend her to anyone wanting help with chronic pain!



Joya is a wonderful practitioner – she has a wealth of knowledge and practise in helping to balance and revitalise the body. She is very welcoming and thoughtful in her approach and I highly recommend visiting The Solstice Sphere!


One of the best genuine healers I’ve encountered in my life! Joya radiates good energy and offers a truly holistic treatment, the effects of which linger for a while, especially if one’s willing to pay attention to the advice given about daily habits and little lifestyle changes.


Joya has wisdom and measure beyond her years that channels into her healing abilities. You have to experience it to understand!


The Shiatsu practices integrate themselves into a long-term change and help you find balance between mind, body and soul. If you haven’t done yet, book your treatment with Joya 🙂



Highly recommend Joya, I immediately felt at ease in her space. It was a relaxing experience that also helped with physical tension!

 Joya is tuned in energetically and has great touch. I highly recommend having a Solstice sphere Shiatsu.

Joya is a joy, helpful, knowledgeable, and tailors her craft to your needs. Thoroughly recommend her.

Joya is an absolute JOY to have a treatment with. I always walk away deeply nourished and healed in body, heart and spirit xox