WIS_side 1The most wonderful way to feel great and promote health.
All you have to do to get your body back in balance is to lay down and enjoy a wonderful bodywork treatment!

Shiatsu is wonderful for reducing pain and aiding the healing of injuries.

One of the most relaxing ways to realign your body, if you’re experiencing pain, are feeling anxious, even if you’re having problems with your diet and digestion, Shiatsu is the most blissful way to find your way to recovery.

Shiatsu is a form of dynamic bodywork.


The Japanese word ‘Shiatsu’ means finger pressure.
It is has its roots based in traditional Chinese medicine and is used to promote health and well-being by reinforcing or re-establishing the natural harmony of the body.

Using the theory of Qi (energy/oxygen), Shiatsu brings a holistic view to healing the Body, Mind, and Spirit.
A powerful modality for relaxation, Shiatsu works with the organs meridians and acupoints aiding the body’s ability to heal itself.
Cupping, moxibustion, and stretches may also be used to assist the free flow of Qi thus stimulating the immune system to help protect against dis-ease.

Shiatsu is for every-body.


A lifetime of immersing deeply in all that the world has to offer, Joya has a unique culmination of knowledge and wisdom that she integrates into her practice.
From deep meditation to cat trainer to sound editor to flying trapeze artist to shiatsu and Acutonics practitioner, Joya now delights in being of service through transformative healing.

Always in search of deeper understanding and never being content with just one side of the coin, Joya has always taken study into the realm of experience by immersing and integrating knowledge into direct participation.

These days Joya can be found sharing her experience and knowledge at The Solstice Sphere in Newcastle (or The Mobile Shiatsu Clinic), where she combines Shiatsu, Chinese medicine, Acutonics and EFT to create peaceful experiences for those willing to transform.



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