Basing its principles upon the Chinese medicinal system of Meridians and Organs, Shiatsu is a unique and wonderful way to free your Body and Mind of ailment.
This style of bodywork is amazing for relaxation, in this state of rest and digest any stuck or wayward energy can be massaged through meridians and points returning it to a state of equilibrium and peace.



AcutonicsĀ® utilises the vibration of precision calibrated tuning forks to rebalance the body’s energy system and bring your vibration back into harmony.
Wonderful for calming the mind and emotions an Acutonics treatment is next level. Each fork is tuned to a planet, depending on what the body needs to reach alignment, different tones will be used on specific acupoints to elicit the specific response needed for healing.



Energetic balancing. Reiki is a technique whereby energy is channelled consciously into the body to realign and harmonise the natural frequencies of your system. Reiki can be used for relaxation, pain, emotions and balancing. It brings about a wonderful sense of peace and may be accompanied by shifts in feelings and thoughts.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping


An amazingly simple technique to help shift limiting beliefs or blocked perceptions caused by trauma or emotional stagnation. Free yourself from pain, stress, anxiety and past trauma. By tapping specific acupoints and recalling specific details on the subject in concern, this method will weaken the synapse connection that constantly triggers the body &/or Mind to react and respond. EFT is a practical tool that you can learn to use anytime you feel out of comfort in your body, mind or emotions. It is also a wonderful way to help you maintain a mindfulness practice.

Distance Healing

The process of distance healing I offer reveals, with a lot of symbolism, various areas in life where a person may be stuck or missing particular elements needed to facilitate continued growth. Once a distance healing is performed it is followed up with a session, usually by phone to discover shifts and insights.



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