Public Safety

Let’s be healthy

Keeping each other healthy

Due to the current environment we find ourselves transiting through, please be sure to take care of yourself and others by being kind.

If you have recently traveled overseas, please take the 14 day quarantine period until making a booking

If you are showing signs of being unwell or have been in contact with anyone who is unwell (Covid, cold or flu) I humbly ask that you let me know, your booking will be rescheduled to an appropriate time.

The current hygiene measures include single use linen for every client. All sheets, pillowcases, face cradle covers, face cradle protectors and towels are used only once for each person and commercially laundered; this means they are laundered at a high temperature following the Australian commercial laundry practice standards.  

Hand sanitiser or hand washing facilities are available inside the dojo and the clinic.