“I grow at my own pace with compassion, I rewrite the systems that no longer serve me.”

Happy New Year beautiful Humans!
May it have begun with an open heart and mind

The Beginning and The End.

There is a continuing turbulence that is still requiring our attention and a level of inquiry. 
Whilst much of this turbulence is both equally global and local it provides us with a microcosm where boundaries and containers can be created so that we can steer what it is we truly want to see in our own biosphere, but not forgetting that the choices and desires we manifest also affect the future.

Now is the perfect time to spend in personal inquiry and plan where to take the year both locally and globally.

Taking some time to imagine what you hope for yourself and close circle is important, but how about taking a look at the a bigger picture view and what it is that we hope to see in the distant future.

After all, every decision and desire we make has a ripple effect into the future and onto the planet.

If you were to contemplate the distant future, one where you were long gone, what would you want it to look like?

How do you want it to look for the future generations of your family? 

How about the families in less fortunate countries?

How about the families of all the other creatures inhabiting this planet?

With that in mind, what do you wish to manifest?

It’s big, I understand, but just because it’s big, has weight and huge responsibility doesn’t mean that we should avoid contemplating it.

Thoughts create the world and therefore what and where our focus and attention is drawn to. 

We all know how much energy has been taken up with the current climate and our very social new friends like Covid, Delta and Omicron.

We all know that the current level of anxiety, fear and let’s not forget anger has zapped us of crucial energy and taken up a large portion of our mental capacity and caused a huge ripple effect that we have yet to see the outcome of (that’s just the current issues).

The above emotions are just the reaction of our upbringing, conditioning, experience and environment. 

How long will we be happy to continually just react via our experiences and memories rather than respond with courage, strength and Love?

It is in our capacity to change and that change begins and ends with our own personal inquiry.

The Eight Areas of Life.

Wow, that’s big Joya… Where do I start?
Well, I’m glad you asked 😉
To make it easy, let’s contemplate the 8 areas of our lives.

Spiritual – expansion, soul, being
Mental – mind, learning, wisdom
Work – career, contribution, service
Love – family, relationships, connection
Wealth – financial goals, assists, resources
Social – connection, community, fun
Physical – health, fitness, well being
Inspiration – travel, creativity, adventure

If you were to reflect on the last year or maybe even two or three, how did these areas look?

Did you have all your eggs in one basket and completely ignore some of the others? How did it feel to prioritise those areas? How did if affect your life and the ones around you?

How do you want to balance your near future? 
What things in each of these areas are important?

If you’re truly interested take some time to write down what you would like for the year in each of these categories, then take a look and see where most of your energy and attention is drawn. Is it balanced? Is there a theme?

How do these desires affect the distant future? Can you imagine how it spirals out into the lives of other people?

If you follow any of the TSS socials you may have read many a time how I give thanks for every meal.

I thank all the farmers, I thank all the people who planted, picked, packed, sold, transported, lifted, dug and created.
I thank the genius’s of irrigation, machinery and even chemical means for sustaining crops, cause let’s face it, though its not great, it has helped us to feed the masses.
I try to thank every individual that got that food to my plate.
Then I thank the bacteria, the microbiome, the insects, water, air, minerals, chemical reactions and even the stars, planets and asteroids – without them, none of this would be possible.
I thank those who made the plates, cutlery, the machines and people who invented the machines who made the utensils.
I thank all the generations of people who have toiled.
I thank the generations of evolving plants, animals, insects and bacteria who have culminated in soil and the complete cycle of life that brings all of this amazing energy which is now spanning all time and space.

And boom! 
The sense of awe is incredible and I feel so freaking honoured to be experiencing this moment in time.

We are alive and enjoying this sacred act due to the entire universe and every single moment it has gone through to make this moment occur.

(Wow! My sense of gratitude and overwhelm is off the charts more than usual right now as I write all this)

Why the digress?
I am making a point to point out that every single thing we do, say, want and manifest affects the whole.

Not just today, tomorrow or even the next year. 

Everything is connected and is bouncing and rippling into the future.
What we do is of NO SMALL CONSEQUENCE.

Sometimes that thought makes me want to never move again haha.

And then I take a breath and enjoy the inexplicable amount of awe I am having for life and laugh out loud and feel the most amazing sense of love.

We are so blessed.

Ok, ok back to the topic.

The Five Most Important Intentions

What would be your five most important intentions for this year?

I see these more as themes that that will colour the eight areas of life rather than goals. Goals usually come out when thinking about the eight areas.

My eight areas are as balanced as I could get them, there was a large theme that revolved around work, as my life has a huge portion in service to my community, I had to rejig it a little to ensure that I didn’t become a slave to my meaning and purpose.

My intention numero uno which is to infuse ‘play, lightness and fun’ into all of areas saw a little more balance come into play (intentional pun) with all the areas of life.

Intentions are important to keep an eye on as it is so easy to steer away from (in my case #1) play, lightness and fun when stress and pressure increase.

They are after all, the colours that we use to fill in between the lines of the eight areas, that is, how we go about fulfilling our desires.

From here it is possible to then write actionable steps that can help to fulfill your goals, but what I like to do (in my Piscean way), is imagine how these things I desire will affect the future, much like a plate of food affects a person upon gratitude.

At this point, perhaps there may be some things on the list that aren’t so important, and other things that are potentially more important.
Write and rewrite at leisure.

Together We Create Change

Having a moderately set out idea of what we hope for and how we create is helpful to ensure that there are some containers that prevent unconscious decision making and reactiveness to the whims and events in life.
It can help us to foster courage, strength and Love with each step forward.
In this way we can become more connected and in tune with ourselves and our surroundings and enjoy the beauty that is available in every moment.

This, is a life well lived.

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